KingSett Capital 2020 ESG Report

KingSett is striving to be an ESG leader in the Canadian Real Estate Market.

Accelerating Impact. Building a Sustainable Future.

ESG Mission

We are committed to investing in sustainable and innovative solutions that enhance communities, mitigate risk and reduce environmental impact.

Corporate Stats

Founded in 2002, KingSett is Canada’s leading private equity real estate investment firm headquartered in Toronto, building investment solutions for Canadian real estate investors.


Employees and growing (Corporate offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal)


Assets Under Management (AUM) (CREIF AUM $8.4B)


Square feet (SF) of Gross Leasable Area (GLA). CREIF comprises 11M SF and over 6,500 residential units


Asset classes


of transactions in 2020


of equity raised in 2020 for future investments

ESG Scorecard

In 2020, we continued to achieve success across our key performance indicators (KPIs), always striving to be seen as ESG leaders in the Canadian real estate market.

Environmental Social Governance
  Target Year Target Objective Status SDG ALIGNMENT
Conduct Energy Assessments** 2021 100% 93% SDG 7
Reduce Energy Consumption* 2021 -8% Achieved SDG 7
Conduct Water Assessments** 2021 90% Achieved
Reduce Water Consumption* 2021 -4% Achieved
Set Portfolio Carbon Emissions Targets 2021 Y Achieved SDG 13
Conduct Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessments** 2021 100% 93% SDG 11
Conduct Waste Assessments** 2021 90% Achieved SDG 12
Improve Waste Diversion* 2021 61% 57% SDG 12
Achieve Third-party Building Certifications 2021 95% 91% SDG 9
Office Properties Certified to LEED Gold or Higher 2021 80% 63% SDG 9
Implement Extreme Weather/Flood Resilience Plans 2021 100% 89% SDG 13
Conduct Risk Evaluations 2021 100% Achieved SDG 13

Northview residential assets are excluded from all Scorecard KPIs.

*Only includes office, retail, and multi-residential assets that were fully operational and have no major renovation or development work in progress. Target baseline year is 2017.

**Excludes industrial assets.

Materiality Assessment

In 2020, KingSett conducted extensive internal and external stakeholder consultations to understand what ESG topics matter most to our stakeholders and to ensure our ESG efforts were aligned with our partners, customers and employees.

These discussions were to ensure strong alignment between KingSett and our stakeholders, and address identified gaps. The results of 15 separate interviews and 93 surveys provide a roadmap for how we continue to drive value and improve asset and Portfolio performance.

We received positive feedback across the stakeholder groups that KingSett is seen as an ESG leader. Our stakeholders are proud to call KingSett their partner and are eager to learn from what we have done and work together to meet our shared ESG objectives. While all the 23 ESG topics identified were deemed important, the 20 topics identified as a strategic and core in the materiality matrix form the basis of this report. We will continue to focus our efforts on all ESG topics as well as on new and emerging trends to unlock value and improve the resilience of our assets.

Chart of Materiality matrix

Sustainable development goals

In 2015, the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 goals that act as a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. The SDGs established 2030 targets to address global challenges such as climate change, economic inequality, innovation, peace and justice, and sustainable consumption.

Through our business activities, we are committed to actively and positively contributing to the following SDGs. Our performance against these SDGs is highlighted throughout this report:


KingSett is committed to reducing energy use across our assets and helping the industry develop cleaner sources of energy.


KingSett implements new and innovative technologies in our assets to enhance the user experience and building performance.

SDG 10

KingSett strives for equity for all, to make our society and business more successful, and work diligently to leverage our resources to create a safe and inclusive workplace.

SDG 11

KingSett is committed to creating more sustainable, accessible and environmentally friendly buildings and communities for all.

SDG 12

KingSett is reducing the material consumption at our assets through the conscientious use of finite resources and minimizing waste generation.

SDG 13

KingSett is committed to reducing our GHG emissions and strengthening the resilience of our assets.