Social Impact Target Year Target Objective
Maintain or improve employee engagement score202590%
Maintain or improve inclusion score202570%
Maintain or improve tenant satisfaction score202577%

Next Steps

  • Launch a formalized performance development program
  • Expand leadership and technical skills training programs
  • Introduce an employee Health Spending Account
  • Conduct analysis across additional data sets to ensure our processes continue to be equitable
  • Conduct a 2024 Tenant Engagement Survey across all asset classes
  • Continue to roll out valuable tenant experiences and events at our properties
  • Expand volunteer opportunities for employees to engage with our communities
  • Partner with industry groups to mentor and share best practices and leadership opportunities

Employee Engagement and Well-Being

At KingSett, our employees are our most valuable asset, and our values are the foundation of our business. We aim to promote an inclusive, productive and collaborative work environment that supports our employees to lead happy, healthy lives, both in and out of the office.

KingSett conducts a biennial People Survey to measure engagement and inclusion, assess our progress, solicit feedback and help drive new programs. Using survey feedback, management will continue to implement programs that focus on:

  • Creating expanded leadership development programs and technical training
  • Increasing the flexibility of our benefits by offering an additional Health Care Spending Account
  • Launching a formalized employee goal setting program for career and performance development for all employees

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

By incorporating Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) best practices, KingSett is able to attract, engage and retain top talent, improve company culture and increase creativity, productivity and business performance. Conducting an annual survey allows us to measure the diversity breakdown of our population and receive ongoing feedback from all employees on topics related to EDI.

We also conduct an annual survey to monitor the year over year trends in our employee diversity metrics and the overall inclusivity of our workforce. Through this analysis, we can target key areas and create purposeful initiatives that will have a positive impact on our employees.

We acknowledge there is more to be done to improve our EDI practices and make KingSett a more inclusive workplace. We are transparent when sharing the results of our survey and have committed to an action plan.

Performance Highlights

Gender statistics chart Gender All Employees - Women 33% | Men 53% | Not Disclosed 14%; VP/Executive Director Level or Above - Women 20% | Men 73% | Not Disclosed 7%;

Gender All Employees - Women 33% | Men 53% | Not Disclosed 14%; VP/Executive Director Level or Above - Women 20% | Men 73% | Not Disclosed 7%

Race and Ethnicity All Employees - Asian 23% | White 37% | Jewish 4% | Mixed Race 3% | Other 3% | Not Disclosed 30%; VP/Executive Director Level or Above - Asian 11% | White 59% | Other 14% | Not Disclosed 16%

Race and Ethnicity All Employees - Asian 23% | White 37% | Jewish 4% | Mixed Race 3% | Other 3% | Not Disclosed 30%; VP/Executive Director Level or Above - Asian 11% | White 59% | Other 14% | Not Disclosed 16%

Tenant Engagement and Well-Being

We are committed to providing comfortable, safe and sustainable living and working spaces that meet our tenants’ needs.

Understanding our tenants’ and occupants’ concerns, needs and goals helps KingSett to create successful and customized property-specific programs.

Our tenant engagement program includes our property management teams and engagement tools such as:

  • Tenant Satisfaction Surveys
  • Tenant communication apps
  • Tenant-focused events
  • Social media/online platforms
  • Tenant engagement meetings
  • Tenant feedback sessions

Case Study
Engaging Residents

99 Gerrard West

Toronto, ON

Located in Toronto’s Innovation District, 99 Gerrard West makes it a priority to cater to the unique interests and schedules of the building’s many medical professionals and students. To increase resident engagement and foster a sense of community, the building organized a variety of events over the course of the year including a summer BBQ with DJs, magicians and face painting, rooftop movie nights and workout classes to help residents connect and unwind.

Case Study
Supporting Wellness

700 University

Toronto, ON

Focusing on the mental and physical health and well-being of our tenants is important. At 700 University, tenants are invited to join complimentary bi-weekly wellness workshops and fitness classes to get moving and improve their overall physical well-being.. Some of the most popular events held throughout the year were a bike tune-up and safe riding workshop and puppy yoga.

Sustaining Vibrant Communities

As owners and managers of commercial real estate, we understand that our buildings are more than just structures; they are vital contributors to the vibrant tapestry of our communities. Committed to supporting the places in which we operate, we actively work to enrich and empower these communities, fostering environments where prosperity and well-being can flourish. Through our efforts, we strive to generate positive social and economic impacts for our employees, tenants, investors, and society as a whole.

Our employees volunteer and participate in several industry associations, charitable events and local activities that help create value for all. We enable our property teams to be active members of the communities they work in. By hosting events, providing public services not otherwise available and connecting with our communities, we create spaces people want to be in.

Case Study
Celebrating arts and culture

Midtown's Urban Canvas Street Party

In September 2023, Midtown hosted the Urban Canvas Street Party; a vibrant celebration of artistic expression, urban creativity, and cultural diversity taking place downtown in Midtown’s north parking lot. This festival brought together local artists, DJs, cultural partners and community to celebrate the city’s thriving art scene. A celebration of urban living, the street party featured music, murals, art battles, engaging community graffiti projects, a pop-up skatepark and food trucks. After the event some of the artwork was transported into the mall and was on display for the public to view and bid on the pieces.

Case Study
Giving Back

Volunteer Week

Making a positive impact in our community is a value we share at KingSett. For a full week in mid-May, our employees rolled up their sleeves to volunteer their time in support of various community organizations. From working in community gardens and prepping meals for those most vulnerable to spending time with four legged friends and helping build homes in the GTA, this initiative not only helped foster a sense of camaraderie amongst the 119 KingSetters who participated, but also provided valuable support to the community partners who welcomed us.

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volunteer hours

Our Community partners:
Fred Victor
Habitat for Humanity GTA
Horizons for Youth Toronto
Toronto Humane Society

Case Study
Engaging the next generation of innovators

Ontario Engineering Competition

The 2023 Ontario Engineering Competition brought together 16 universities from across the province and their respective teams of undergraduate engineering students. KingSett and the competition directors collaborated to create a case study for the Consulting category of the competition. Engineering students were tasked with assessing the financial feasibility of implementing a Zero Carbon design over a Toronto Green Standard Tier 1 design at one of KingSett’s multi-residential developments. The teams were scored for their overall solution, findings and presentation. First place went to Carlton University for their well thought out and innovative design. We look forward to continuing to work with these talented students and promote sustainable development in the real estate industry.

Case Study
Giving Back

Birchmount Green

Toronto, ON

Located in Toronto’s east end, Birchmount Green is a purpose-built apartment building, offering 220 affordable and supportive housing units owned and operated in partnership with Mahogany, with support from the City of Toronto and Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC). While the rent for all units is set to the CMHC average market rent in Toronto and geared toward households with low and medium incomes, over 40% of them have been leased with the help of five community partners who each serve a specific clientele and reduce the rent even further. The two commercial units have been leased to Community Living Toronto for a social enterprise coffee shop and The Redwood Family Shelter for a health and wellness clinic.

As residents moved into the building, KingSett learned that over 100 children will call the building home and approximately half of these children’s families receive supportive services from a community partner. In late 2023, KingSett held a toy and book drive to fill the shelves of the building’s play area and library with children’s toys, games and books for all ages. The initiative was an overwhelming success with over seven truckloads of items donated by KingSett employees, partners, services providers and friends resulting in a well-stocked playroom and library for all residents to enjoy.

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Community Partnership Groups:
Fred Victor
Community Living Toronto
Loft Community Services
The Redwood Family Shelter
Woodgreen Community Services

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