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We are committed to sound corporate governance principles and practices.

Operating as a values-based organization has enabled us to embed responsible governance practices across the company.

Providing strong oversight and accountability of our ESG and performance associated with the ownership, development and management of real estate across an asset’s lifecycle is a top priority. At the corporate level, KingSett is committed to embedding ESG best practices across its core functions.

Our approach to governance is composed of:

  • Oversight of strategy and all conflicts by a number of independent Advisory Boards
  • Engagement of professional firms to provide insight and advice across the business
  • Engagement of property management firms and joint venture or third-party partners to operate our properties and execute the strategy
  • Independent audits of the financial statements and ESG metrics
  • Strong alignment with KingSett principals and employees
  • Incorporating third-party standards such as GRESB, GRI and PRI
  • Robust internal governance policies and corporate controls
  • Regular and transparent investor reporting, including ESG performance
  • Active risk and asset management

ESG Committee

Our ESG Committee has representatives from across the company and leadership levels.

ESG Committee 2023

KingSett’s ESG Committee is comprised of members from all our core business functions and is responsible for:

  • Executing the core objectives of the ESG strategy and integrating it into all areas of business
  • Making ESG relevant, compelling, and inspiring to internal and external stakeholders
  • Identifying business opportunities and risks
  • Ensuring that KPIs, targets and action plans support the advancement of the strategy
  • Identifying and sharing best practices
  • Monitoring markets, clients, competitors and regulations
  • Overseeing risks related to climate change and building performance

Risk Managment

We take an active role in identifying and mitigating risks associated with owning, developing and managing real estate in Canada.

Our process for identifying and assessing risks, including ESG-related risks, is embedded into our day-to-day business operations. We take action to mitigate and monitor risks, particularly those that could significantly affect KingSett’s reputation, financial performance or business operations.

ESG risks, in particular climate change, continue to be a growing concern for investors and stakeholders. We proactively take steps to improve the resilience and energy efficiency of the CRIEF Portfolio and manage the physical and transition risks of climate change.

Our approach to managing risk at the property-level follows the basic principles of ISO 14001.


Plan Do Check Act
We establish policies and measure and analyze performance data through management systems, assessments, real-time monitoring, surveys and target settingWe develop and execute these plans, including conservation measures, replacing existing systems and installing products with environmentally friendly alternativesWe monitor the impacts of projects and actions through energy audits, commissioning, follow-up assessments and real-time monitoringThe results of these steps inform our strategies on the effectiveness of our actions, influences our policies and helps us achieve our targets

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

We are committed to sound corporate governance principles and practices.

Our cybersecurity and data privacy program is overseen by KingSett’s Technology Steering Committee. This committee is responsible for reviewing the Cybersecurity Protocol and guiding key business decisions related to cybersecurity and data privacy, and implementing new enterprise reporting tools.

Our Cybersecurity Protocol applies several safety measures, including:

  • Robust network security
  • Encrypted critical database information
  • Adoption of market leading cyber risk mitigation applications
  • Periodic penetration testing
  • Email and other phishing tests
  • On-going employee cyber risk training
  • Insurance coverage including incident response

All KingSett employees receive mandatory cyber security training twice a year and are tested on phishing attempts to ensure they can identify and report malicious content.

Our ESG Approach
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